Online Casino Banking 2022 – Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

We’ve moved past the days where all you needed was a chunk of cash in your pocket to gamble. Payment methods are a vital element to look at when choosing an online casino.

Which payment methods are the safest? Which are the fastest? And more importantly, which payment method suits you the best?

Currently, most online casinos allow the same kinds of payment methods, though the specifics may vary. Cheques and credit cards are where you’ll find the most variance.

Here’s a quick look at the different online casino banking methods you can use. We’ve listed them from shortest to longest:

  • E-wallets: 0-48 hours
  • Credit/Debit Cards: 2-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: 14-28 days

Bear in mind that most casinos including us here at Touch Lucky have “pending time” to add on top of these transaction times. (This is without including the “pay by phone” option, which we will see later.)

Now let’s take a closer look at what each casino banking method entails.


The most common among these that you’ll find available on online casinos are Paypal and Neteller.

E-wallets are basically like no-strings-attached virtual bank accounts. For some, like Paypal, all you have to give when setting up your payment details is your e-mail address.

This can be great to keep your personal information to yourself, and to limit risks of hacking. Certain e-wallets use the same encryption codes as bank websites as well. So this is definitely a safe option.

Other advantages include:

  • Virtual credit cards or top-up cards
  • Instant transfers
  • Possibility to create multiple accounts

E-wallets are great to manage your disposable income. You can basically use them as a way to regulate how much you’re spending on gambling.

Credit Card

As we mentioned above, these are waning in popularity. This may be because online casinos prefer that their players gamble with their own money rather than get indebted.

But you can still use Credit cards like you’d use e-wallets; only gamble with what’s available on them. Currently, Credit cards you can find as valid payment options at online casinos include MasterCard and American Express.

Debit Card

These are quite a popular option, especially Visa and Visa Electron.

The main reason why casinos prefer that you use these over credit cards is that you’ll be playing with your own money.

The added benefit of playing with Visa Electron, or any debit card that does not allow an overdraft, is that you literally can’t overspend. Also, you can set weekly or monthly spending limits.

Most of the time, for both Credit and Debit cards, all you have to do is enter your card details in the banking section of your chosen online casino.

Wire Transfer

This method is quite straightforward, though you should be aware that it sometimes incurs fees.

Another issue here is that you will be sharing your personal information and account details with your casino. So in the event of hacking or someone using your casino account,  they would get access to more than simply card details or an email address, like with precious methods.


This is another method whose popularity among both casinos and gamblers is going down.

Indeed, along with the long transaction time that comes with using cheques to deposit or withdraw, casinos prefer safer methods with less possibility for fraud.

Pay by Phone

Speaking of safer methods, the pay by phone option is another online casino banking method that allows you to customize your gambling experience.

If you’re a mobile gamer, some casinos and apps offer you the option to group your deposits with your phone bill. So you won’t have to give any more information to your chosen app – all they’ll need will be your phone number.

Touch Lucky banking

Here at Touch Lucky, we understand that online safety is our customers’ primary concern. That is why we have put in stringent controls to ensure that all of the online transactions you make through our site are 100% secure. We have several banking options available on our site, all of which are secure and you can choose the most preferred method for you based on what you are most comfortable with. Banking with us means that all of your transactions will be conducted over secure servers that use the latest and greatest in security measures and technology to ensure that your money is safe at all times. By using encryption and secure servers, we make sure that your data never falls into the wrong hands, and is never used without your permission. You can rest assured that when you are banking with us, all you need to focus on is how to win even more on our great games. We have several banking options that you can make the most of, including online wallets, credit cards, online banking, bank transfers and much more, all for picking at your convenience.

We offer the following deposit and withdrawal methods:


Method Minimum Maximum
Visa Credit £10 £2500 per day
Visa Debit £10 £2500 per day
Visa Electron £10 £2500 per day
MasterCard £10 £2500 per day
Maestro £10 £2500 per day
Ukash £10 £200 per voucher
PayPal Coming soon Coming soon
Skrill £10 £10,000 per day
Boku £10 £30 per day
Neteller £10 £10000 per day


Method Minimum / Maximum Time
Visa Credit £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Visa Debit £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Visa Electron £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
MasterCard £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Ukash £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
PayPal Coming soon Coming soon
Skrill £10/£10,000 per day 2-3 working days
Boku £10/£20,000 per week Cheque posted usually within 3-5 days
Neteller £10/£10000 per day 2-3 working days